How are we organised?

Open Garden Squares Weekend is organised by the London Parks and Gardens Trust. A part-time paid coordinator is supported by a volunteer organising team responsible for marketing, ticketing, selecting new gardens, producing the guide and managing the website. Freelancers are used for professional services such as design and PR. Gardens are independently owned and managed; they participate and offer access on a purely voluntary basis..

Area Co-ordinators take responsibility for maintaining relationships with gardens, local marketing and discovering new gardens, ensuring you have a lovely time when you visit.

A cast of hundreds

Over the weekend we organise over 500 fantastic volunteers to welcome you into participating gardens. Each volunteer gives up half a day to help with the event and will be at the garden gates come rain or shine.

In total it takes around 1500 volunteers to make the Weekend happen and the London Parks and Gardens Trust is truly grateful to everyone for their contribution.

Planning for the Weekend goes on all year round: we start work on next year's event before this one even takes place. The organising team meets at least once a month as a group with more frequent individual meetings. Area Coordinators meet as a team on a bi-monthly basis.

Meet the Team

Organising Team

Colin Wing IT Manager & Cycle Rides 
Ed Ikin  Gardens Consultant and Chairman of the Trust
Guy Jackson Designer
Helen Monger Director of the Trust
Janne Watson Gardens Consultant
Jock Blakey   Weekend Volunteers Coordinator
Marion Blair Guided walks and logistics
Polly Freeman Operations Manager
Sarah Harrison PR Manager
Sarah Duffin Event Manager
Sarah Jackson  Guidebook Editor

Area Coordinators

Like to help?

If you are interested in volunteering for Open Garden Squares Weekend, either on the organising team or as an area coordinator, then please contact

If you would like to volunteer to help out in a garden over the Weekend, then please email Jock Blakey.

Find out more about being an area coordinator from our blog posting Come and Join Us!