Bee Urban

Bee Urban
(Photo: Colin Wing)


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Bee Urban is a beekeeping and environmental education community project based in Kennington Park. We have been at 'the Hive', our new site in the park, since March 2015. 

The garden has raised growing beds, fruit trees, soft fruit, nectar-rich plants, herbs and flowers. We have been developing the garden's biodiversity through planting and creating a habitat for nature. All planting has been designed to be nectar-rich according to Royal Horticultural Society and British Beekeepers' Association guidance. 

Points of interest include a natural observation hive, cob oven, apiary, indoor observation point, planted beds and borders and raised beds. We also have an anaerobic digester and solar water heater. 

Regular volunteers from the local community maintain the site two days a week. Volunteering opportunities at Bee Urban include gardening, beekeeping, construction/carpentry, cob-oven construction, cooking, candle-making, paper-making and more.

We provide outreach work across south London and the building is available as a space for groups, where we do gardening, ecology and beekeeping.

The site is open to the public for events and open-access sessions. Open weekends give the public the opportunity to see the project and get involved.

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