Belgrave Square

Belgrave Square
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Belgrave Square Garden is Belgravia's green and leafy centrepiece. This 4.5-acre private garden was designed by George Basevi and first planted by Thomas Cubitt in 1826 to act as a landscape to the grand new houses of the square.

Influenced by a design of John Claudius Loudon, the layout of the square remains faithful to its original network of paths and retains some of the original planting in the form of mature planes. A central path curves through pergolas overhung with wisteria and roses.

The garden is large enough to lose yourself in and grand enough to balance the imposing mansions that surround it. Four summer houses with covered seating known as ‘the temples’ have been added around the inner path. More obvious recent additions are the tennis court, children's playground, and outdoor gym.

The statuary around the garden reflects the international nature of the square and offers a rare chance to see a collection of modern figurative work. A 1998 statue of Sir Robert Grosvenor by Jonathan Wylder at the corner of Wilton Crescent features a quote from John Ruskin: ‘When we build, let us think we build for ever’.

The Belgrave Square garden committee seeks to balance the maintenance of the garden's historic character with the needs and expectations of modern users.

Senior Gardener: Stuart Camm

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