Collingham Gardens

Collingham Gardens
(Photo: Sarah Jackson)
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These award-winning gardens were named after the village of Collingham in the West Riding of Yorkshire, the family home of local landowner Captain Robert Gunter in the 19th century.

The grade II*-listed houses were designed by architects Ernest George and Harold Peto in the 1880s, and represent the high point of late Victorian individualism. They surround communal gardens created by Peto, also a leading Edwardian landscape designer.

Exceptionally, the gardens' overall layout survives and has not been altered since it was first conceived by Peto. The gardens are laid out in a simple, symmetrical style with wide lawns and curving gravel paths. The central circular lawn is framed by shrub beds, each with its own Japanese cherry tree, producing magnificent springtime blossom displays.

The gardens feature Peto's hallmark naturalistic placement of large trees, as if in a woodland pre-dating the existence of all buildings. The distinctive rear elevations of each house create a community which appears to have organically developed over time.

Gardener: Hamish Crawford, Joseph Jones and Partners in collaboration with the CGGC Gardening Officer.

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