Courtfield Gardens (West)

Courtfield Gardens (West)
(Photo: Colin Wing)
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A mid-Victorian garden, dominated by a spectacular London plane tree, and containing a wide variety of shrubs and rare ornamental trees. Examples of which include: wedding cake tree, handkerchief tree, tobacco tree and two giant sequoias.

The Square dates from 1873 and takes its name from ‘Court Fields’, a large meadow forming part of the estate of the nearby Earl’s Court Manor House. The Manor and its farmhouse (the site of the present Earl’s Court Station) were demolished in the 1860’s to make way for the construction of the Metropolitan Underground Line.

Restoration and improvements, begun in 2008, include the reinstatement of the perimeter railings (sacrificed for the war effort in WW2); a wildlife haven with pond, several tropical beds; an orchard of native fruit trees; a children’s play area and a Victorian gazebo and arbour.

Courtfield Gardens West has received many London Garden Competition Awards over the years and is popular with visitors to the Open Garden Squares Weekend.

Contract gardener: Garden Associates - Robert Player

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