Cranbrook Community Food Garden

Cranbrook Community Food Garden
(Photo: Fran Jones)
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Cranbrook Community Food Garden was designed and built in 2009 by residents of the estate and surrounding area. It consists of 21 raised beds, a shed, greenhouse, composting facilities and a large patio area with seating and a living roof. Gardeners get together to socialise, organise fundraising events and make plans for the coming year. It is free to join.

We recently installed a narrow flower border around the food garden and the community centre next door, using perennials and self-seeding wildflowers. This 'Edge Garden' was developed further last year to provide a wildlife habitat and 'food bar', with a mix of native shrubs and flowering climbers, underplanted with bulbs.

A garden club is held on Saturday mornings so that people can meet, socialise and work together. Members who show some commitment are given a key and can access the garden at any time for fun, work, relaxation or gathering food and herbs. Our policy is that everything in the garden belongs to everyone and we grow and share all crops together.

The Cranbrook Estate, built in 1961-8, was designed by Skinner, Bailey & Lubetkin. The novel layout achieves its effect by playing with scale and perspective. The estate is also the site of Elisabeth Frink's sculpture The Blind Beggar and his Dog.

Capital Growth garden: 68

Chair: Lizzy Mace

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