Formosa Garden

Formosa Garden
(Photo: Formosa Amenity)
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This beautiful and tranquil communal garden, created around 1860, is triangular in shape and lined with 48 aged pollarded London plane trees.

A dynamic and imaginative new 50-year tree planting programme was initiated in November 2016 and over 40 new and interesting trees have now been planted as a first phase.

There are several large island beds surrounding an impressive oak, which when lit for Christmas provides the perfect meeting point for resident carol singing! The splendid beds are crammed with interesting, unusual and colourful shrubs and herbaceous perennials, giving a long period of pleasure to the residents.

At the eastern end of the garden a mediterranean-style bed showcases a wide range of specimens which usually flourish only in more sunny and arid conditions.

Garden Associates: Robert Player

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