Freightliners Farm

Freightliners Farm
(Photo: David Lowe)
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Freightliners City Farm was established on its present site in 1978 with the aim of bringing a little bit of the countryside to the inner city. The farm is set within Paradise Park, a small area of green space cleared of Victorian housing in the 1960s.

The farm gardens can broadly be categorised as ornamental, wildlife-friendly and productive food-growing. Our paddocks, hedgerows and wild corners reflect sustainable management practices on rural farms, with hedgerow improvements such as planting for biodiversity and traditional laying, meadow flowers and field edges.

We focus our produce gardens on growing to provide really local food for the farm café and local people. We aim to make a clear connection for visitors between growing, processing and eating food and to enable people to successfully grow their own.

This year our ornamental gardens also have a food-growing theme, being planted as a potager garden with decorative herbs and vegetables used as bedding among the flowers.

As well as the gardens, you can meet our traditional and rare-breed farm animals, who help to maintain the grassed areas of the farm, teach visitors more about where their food comes from and always enjoy making new friends.

Gardener: Peter Hall

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