Marchmont Community Garden

Marchmont Community Garden
(Photo: Lynne Eva)


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Rescued with money from the Lottery Fund, this derelict site was raised, levelled, planted and opened in September 2011.

The garden features six distinct areas, each different in aspect (sunny/shady) and soil (dry/damp) and planted accordingly. Despite the small space, there are over 120 varieties of plant, ranging from trees and shrubs with different flowering and berrying times, chosen for their adaptability and attraction for wildlife, to herbaceous perennials and country-cottage annuals and wildflowers.

The garden is totally maintained by volunteers, none of whom are professional gardeners. An average of 6-10 attend regular 'work' days, weeding, pruning, dead-heading, moving plants and watering every evening in the summer. We try to give the different borders varied plant structures and colour palettes. Each autumn there are two or three big bulb-planting days when we put in 2000 spring and summer bulbs and the garden is becoming known for its spectacular spring bulb displays.

The garden very quickly gained in popularity after opening and is now an established pedestrian link through the area. There are four separate seating areas popular with old and young alike, used continually throughout the day and evening until the garden is locked. Families bring their toddlers to smell the lavender and marjoram plants.

Red Admiral, Peacock, Painted Lady, and fritillary butterflies have all been seen through the years. A robin made it his territory for three seasons and in 2016 two blackbirds were raised in the garden, while a pair of great tits took up residence in the birdbox.

Head Gardener: Ricci de Freitas

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