Queenswell Junior School Community Garden

Queenswell Junior School Community Garden
(Photo: David Lowe)
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This is our fourth year working together on our small vegetable garden at the back of the main building of the school.

In the first year, the children (with a little help) cleared the overgrown vegetable beds and planted lots of different crops together with huge success. They learnt what type of vegetables can grow in the same bed together and how to look after the plants to get the best crop possible.

In the second year our big project was helping the local wildlife. The children had great fun, designing and building a large bug hotel, a small frog pond and a large wood pile. The whole school can use this area for the mini-beast section of the curriculum. We also used large pallets to grow vegetables in, to help suppress weeds in the main beds.

This year we have built a bird-feeding centre, so that we can help more wildlife through the winter. The children enjoyed clearing, weeding and tidying the beds ready for next year’s growing season. We even provide food for our cooking club!

Gardeners: The Children Of Queenswell Junior School

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