St Quintin Community Kitchen Garden

St Quintin Community Kitchen Garden
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A disused tennis court has been transformed into a community kitchen garden where local residents grow their own fresh produce. The site is used by nearly 100 local people and groups to grow a huge variety of fruit and vegetables.

The garden consists of 48 raised wooden beds and provides a local food-growing centre. The design of the site maximises food-growing space and allows the garden to look attractive. Plotholders are encouraged to grow a mix of fruit, vegetables and flowers.

The garden has an amazing ambience, which has helped foster a great community spirit between plotholders. It shows what can be created on an under-used and neglected open space. Our involvement in the Open Garden Squares Weekend has become fixed in our calendar. Having said that, this year, we were all very affected by the nearby Grenfell Tragedy; we were so close that airborne debris landed in some of our plots; a terrible reminder when we came across them. Many of our plotholders knew people living in that tower block and this tragedy occurred just before the OGSW, so it was heavy on our minds. It did give us the opportunity, though, to donate all monies we made over the weekend to the Grenfell Relief Fund, which we did without hesitation.

In 2016 and again in 2017, St. Quintin's achieved an Outstanding classification in the London Its Your Neighbourhood section of London In Bloom, which described us as 'a green oasis'. In 2015 the garden received the London in Bloom Excellence in Gardening Award.

St Quintin's Garden won second prize in the community food-growing category in London in Bloom in 2010, and several plotholders have won individual awards. The garden was also runner-up in the allotment section of London in Bloom in 2014.

The garden featured in The Great British Garden Revival series on BBC2 in 2013.

Capital Growth garden: 342

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