The Skip Garden, Global Generation

The Skip Garden, Global Generation
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The Skip Garden is a mobile allotment on the King's Cross development site, built by a combination of many local partners. The functions of an organic garden are divided between separate skips, including a growing house and green engine.

The garden serves as an educational platform where local children, young people and business employees work together on tangible projects to improve local sustainability. This is a Capital Growth growing space and an exciting example of organic urban agriculture on one of the largest development sites in Europe.

In the summer of 2015, the garden moved to its fourth home in King's Cross. Working in partnership with the Bartlett School of Architecture, the plot has been transformed by a number of dynamic, custom-designed buildings. Our rammed-earth wall polytunnel, reed-bed dining area and sash-window glasshouse provide practical and sustainable structures that support our work in the garden and kitchen.

Our work extends to local primary schools and businesses throughout King's Cross, which includes the design and maintenance of planting outside, Caravan, Yumchaa and Waitrose.

Capital Growth garden: 117

Gardens Manager: Paul Richens and Julie Riehl

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