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Garden Comments
Alara Permaculture Forest Garden 2 Read> Add>
Arvon Road Allotment Group 0   Add>
Barnsbury Wood 1 Read> Add>
Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses 2 Read> Add>
Bryanston Square 0   Add>
Cadogan Place North Garden 0   Add>
Cadogan Place South Garden 0   Add>
Calthorpe Community Garden 0   Add>
Carlyle's House 676 Read> Add>
Centre for Wildlife Gardening 1 Read> Add>
Charlton Manor Community Garden (at Woodlands Farm) 0   Add>
Charlton Manor Primary School Secret Garden 0   Add>
Collingham Gardens Nursery 1258 Read> Add>
Courtfield Gardens (East) 0   Add>
Crescent Garden 1 Read> Add>
Dorset Square 0   Add>
Drapers' Hall Garden 0   Add>
Eastbury Manor House Walled Gardens and Herb Garden 0   Add>
Fassett Square 2 Read> Add>
Formosa Garden 0   Add>
Gainsborough Gardens 2 Read> Add>
Gloucester Square Residents' Gardens 2 Read> Add>
Hampstead Parish Church Burial Grounds 0   Add>
Harleyford Road Community Garden 1 Read> Add>
Inner Temple Garden 1 Read> Add>
International Lutheran Student Centre Sunken Courtyard 1 Read> Add>
Kensington Nursing Home (BUPA) 0   Add>
Kingston University - Dorich House 0   Add>
Lever Street Community Garden 0   Add>
Lexham Gardens 2 Read> Add>
Linden Lodge School 1 Read> Add>
The Mosaic Rooms 0   Add>
Museum of Methodism, John Wesley's House and Wesley's Chapel 0   Add>
Nomura International PLC 4 Read> Add>
Portman Square 0   Add>
Queen's Gate Gardens 0   Add>
Queenswell Junior School Community Garden 0   Add>
The Regent's Park Allotment Garden 0   Add>
The Roof Gardens 1 Read> Add>
Royal Crescent Gardens 0   Add>
Royal Trinity Hospice 0   Add>
St James's Gardens 0   Add>
Museum of the Order of St John 0   Add>
St Mary's Secret Garden 2 Read> Add>
Salters' Garden 0   Add>
Stanley Crescent Garden 0   Add>
The Compound, Stave Hill Ecological Park 1 Read> Add>
Strawberry Hill House 0   Add>
Community Garden at Tate Modern 2 Read> Add>
Triangle Garden 1 Read> Add>
Walworth Garden 2 Read> Add>
West London Bowling Club 0   Add>
Winsford Gardens 0   Add>
Winterton House Organic Garden 0   Add>
Woodcroft Wildspace 0   Add>