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8–9 June 2019

8–9 June 2019

A Saturday walk around Kensington and Chelsea (South)

By Area Coordinator Daniel Cutter

Please check garden opening times before starting your walk.

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This walk links gardens open on Saturday. Please check garden opening times before starting your walk.

Begin at Gloucester Road station (or for step-free access via public transport, arrive at Earl’s Court tube and start/end between Nevern Square and Earl’s Court Square).

Turn left out of the station entrance and head north up Gloucester Road. Cross the busy Cromwell Road and take the first left onto Cornwall Gardens road. The central-most garden opens for OGSW, so continue along the road and cross Launceston Place – the gates to Cornwall Gardens are on your right.

Continue west along Cornwall Gardens road until it turns to the right. A small pedestrian route breaks off at this corner – follow this straight and it soon becomes Lexham Walk, dropping you at the north east corner of Lexham Gardens where the garden entrance is clearly visible.

Continue west along Lexham Gardens road, to the south of the garden itself. Continue across Marloes Road to the end of Lexham Gardens, where it meets Earls Court Road, then cross straight over onto Logan Place.

At the end of Logan Place, turn left onto Cromwell Crescent. At this point that you can take the opportunity to visit The Mosaic Rooms – the free galleries and bookshop focusing on contemporary Arab culture, alongside a café and adjoining pop-up garden, make for an interesting diversion. To continue your garden visits, head south, crossing Cromwell Road and joining Nevern Road, at the end of which lies Nevern Square. To find the entrance, turn left onto Nevern Place then right onto Nevern Square road.

Turn right (south) out of Nevern Square then left onto Trebovir Road. This leads to Earl’s Court Road, where you can find a variety of restaurants. Head south on Earl’s Court Road and take the second right onto Earl’s Court Square road, leading to Earl’s Court Square garden.

Earl's Court Square
Earl's Court Square (Photo: Janne Watson)

Next, head back towards and then cross Earl’s Court Road. Proceed along Bolton Gardens then Wetherby Gardens, before turning right to Gledhow Gardens.

At this point, you can complete the loop by rejoining Wetherby Gardens/Wetherby Place and continuing east until you reach Gloucester Road. Turn left to return to Gloucester Road station.

You could also choose to take a 25-minute stroll south through Chelsea to Paultons Square and Carlyle’s House. These gardens are within a 10-minute walk of each other, but do note their respective closing times.